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China LED application develops well

Under the background of globally low-carbon economy, LED industry as its environmental protection, energy-

saving property has attracted many concern low-carbon economy. Government support policies have paved its

way. LED spotlights and other illumination products will promote the development of the whole industry.

       According to the statistics, LED industry output value has reached 154 billion RMB in 2011, a year on year growth of 22%. The output value of epitaxy in LED up stream, packaging in mid-stream and application in downstream reached 6 billion RMB, 32 billion RMB and 116 RMB, a year-on-year growth of 50%, 19% and 22% respectively.

       LED lamps price decreased sharply that narrowing the price gap between LED lamps and tradition lamps, witch made LED lamps more acceptable and promote the development of this industry

3157 60smd switchback light
7w led replace 35w halogen light
80w 1157 turn light
LED PLF Lamp 2G10 9W
100w LED Flood Spot Lightings
AR111 Spotlamp
E40 LED Street Light -45W
12W round led ceiling lamp

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