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How to install strip light

How to Install LED Strip Lights

Firstly , LED Strip light , is widely used used for Architectural decorative lighting,Archway,canopy and bridge edge lighting, A museum park or theater, Emergency hallway lighting, Auditorium walkway lighting, Stairway accent lighting, Concealed lighting, Back lighting for signage letters, Channel letter lighting, Emergency exit path lighting, Cove lighting, Holiday decorative lighting, Car decorative lighting,etc.


Then , Installing LED Strip Light is a very simple process. They can be introduced into the existing layout and decor of a room and can serve as both a permanent and semi-permanent fixture.
Some LED Strip Lights use a very basic "plug and play" system. This makes for easy installation and easy removal. It also means the strip lights can be repositioned if needed. LED Strip Lights can also be full integrated into the lighting design of a house as a permanent lighting fixture.
Whichever you go for, the following points should be considered.

Take Measurements
While LED Strip Lights can be bought as a "ready-made" kit, it is also possible to have them "made-to-measure." Measure the space in which you intend to install your lights. This could be the underside of a kitchen cabinet, a length of shelving or an alcove. Send these measurements to your retailer and they will do the rest.

Connecting to the Power
You need to have a suitable power source from which to run your strip lights. Make sure there is one readily available. All LED Strip Lights require a 12V transformer/driver. These can be either plugged into a wall socket or connected directly to the household mains. Work out which you need. Do you want to be able to control your strip lights from your light switch, or do you want to be able to move them later one?

Also make sure there is enough distance between your strip lights and the power supply. A driver will usually be able to reach about a meter. If the power outlet is further you may need an extension lead or extra length of cable.

The strip light usual connect to the driver via a pin connection. If you strips do not have these, or if you are running more than one strip from the same driver, you will need a terminal block. Buy these from any electrical retailer.

Most LED Strip Lights use a 3M self-adhesive backing. Simply peel off the backing and stick them down to your surface. Take your time and make sure they are straight. If your strip light doesn't have an adhesive backing, you will need to buy some trunking. This can be bought from any electrical retailer.

Check the Load
The power requirement of LED Strip Lights varies and is expressed in watts per meter. Your driver needs to be able to handle the "load" of the strip lights it is attached to. Multiply the wattage of your strip by the number of meters you are using. The resulting figure is called the "load" and the load of your driver needs to be equal to or larger than this.

Here, we draw the connection ways ,including : single strip and RGB strip ,hope they can help you to use strip more easily.

1. For signal Color Strip light connect ways :




The belowed is RGB Strip connection ways :














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