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New type of SMD LED 5630SMD bulb

1. 5630SMD Photos:

The new type of SMD LED 5630SMD finally passed all series of test and turn out to be qualified,now has put in mass production and welcomed among China mainland and abroad market.5630SMD, or called 5730SMD, if with 150mA current can reach to 50-60LM..CCT:2600-3200K/ 4000-4500K/ 5500-6500KCRI:70-80Ra


Compare to normal SMD LED, 5630MD has following advantages:

1. The LED much sin only 0.9mm, With better heat sink cooling structure, Very low thermal resistance, heat resistance only around 8 ℃/W-12 ℃/W. Reduce Lumens depreciation, longer life span.

2. Adopt the structure of light emitting at top of SMD, very wide light angle, really good for indoor flat lighting.

3.  The lumen efficient very high, more economic compare to normal 3528, 5050, 3014,3020SMD.



Indoor Lighting: LED Bulb, LED Ceiling Light, LED Panel, LED StripCommercial Lighting: Advertisement board,Automobile internal auxiliary lighting, etc..

5630SMD application on a series of LED Bulb, LED Candle bulb, replace 25W-100W Incandescent Bulb.





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