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Products Info

Products Info

E40 LED Street Light -60W

Order Item No: SS504-60WB
Net Weight: 1.4KG

Product Description

E40 LED Street Light 60W

Model No.: SS504-60WB

Input voltage:AC90-265V

LED: 54*1W


Lumen: 5400LM

color temperature:2800-3500K warm white  / 5500-6500K day white

LED View Angle: breadthwise 160 degree ,lengthways  degree 60 degree.

Shell: Aluminum Alloy Shell + PC

Connector: E27/E39/E40

Life time: 50000 hours

Size: Ф150*275mm(L)

N.W.:1 .4KG/PCS


Box size:12*15*29CM  1 pc/box

Carton size: 30*27*47CM    6 boxes/carton


Applicable scope:
1 applied to urban sub-trunk roads and residential roads and sidewalk lighting
2 for the landscape lamp, courtyard lighting
3 applies to solar and wind-powered lighting.
4 applies to mines, ships, machine tools and other lighting.
5 can directly replace the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps, mercury lamp, sodium lamp without the need to replace the original holder



1. Luminous efficiency :100-110LM / W
2. Long life: 50,000 hours
3. Healthy Lighting: Low heat, no hot-radioactive, non-mercury, sodium and other elements harmful to human health;
4. Beneficial to the environment: LED light for all-solid-body impact resistance is not easy broken, waste recycling, pollution-free can be called the "Green Color illumination light source;
5. Adapt to the environment strong: in the -40
-80 , humidity ≤ 65% of the environment


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